About Us

Karol Brown, Attorneys at Law, is an experienced immigration law firm with a passion for making a difference for immigrants, their families and their employers. We offer reasonable flat fees and low cost consultations to provide affordable and effective immigration help.  We use state of the art technology and thorough knowledge of the immigration laws to assist our clients.

Call us at 425-519-3617 or email info@karolbrown.com to make an appointment or talk to one of our attorneys.

✔ Experienced Immigration Attorneys

Our managing partner and founder, Karol Brown, has been an immigration attorney for over 13 years, giving you the comfort and confidence in her experience in business immigration, family visas, permanent residency applications, and naturalization.  Maria Marty is our firm's Of Counsel, with over 20 years of experience.  Her expertise is in business and family immigration.

✔ State of the Art Technology 

You can apply online to begin the process for a work visa, green card, fiancĂ© visa, asylum, naturalization, or other immigration services. When you use our services, you can provide information, check the status of your case and communicate with your immigration attorney at any time, day or night. Our immigration services are fast, easy, and efficient. Your case will be handled by an experienced immigration attorney and well-trained staff that excel in all areas of immigration law.

✔ Reasonable Fees at a Flat Rate

Karol Brown, Attorneys at Law, uses a "flat fee" pricing system for most immigration cases. This gives you the peace of mind to know how much it will cost to obtain your visa. Compare and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over other firms!

✔ Low-Cost Consultations 

You can email us your questions, or send us information about your immigration situation, and we can tell you what assistance we can provide — all free to you. We also offer in-person, telephone, or web-based consultations with Karol Brown.  Request your evaluation or consultation now.